What is the National Health Service (NHS)?

NHS health insurance

The National Health Service (NHS) is a healthcare service provided by the UK government to all UK residents. NHS entitles you to free consultation with the doctor as well as free hospital treatment. You are also entitled to free treatment in the event of an emergency at walk-in clinics and emergency rooms. NHS coverage is compulsory for all international students, and the cost is GBP 75 for every 6 months of your study duration (or part thereof).

Along with the NHS, you may wish to consider purchasing private healthcare insurance to cover items that your NHS does not cover. For example private insurance will cover for the cost of drugs and specialist treatments such as specialist surgery for sports-related injuries. Private insurance will also cover your visits to private hospitals and clinics that are not under the NHS, and may give you access to faster treatment.

NHS does not cover eyeglass prescriptions nor non-emergency dental treatments.

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