About Us

theRightU is a certified education consultancy based in Singapore. We represent more than 250 educational institutions across Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Switzerland.

What differentiates us from traditional agencies is our adoption of innovative technology developed by our team of experts from the IT and higher education sectors.

Equipped with this technological advantage, our students have enjoyed higher quality, hassle-free consultation from our passionate team of education planners.

We offer courses from top foundation colleges and universities worldwide

The Right Team

  • Dr Chan Khai Leok
  • Sean
  • Moh Hon Meng
  • Wei Siang
  • Michelle
  • Beatrice
  • Brian

We are one cohesive family at theRightU. Dr Chan Khai Leok, Sean Quek, Hon Meng, Wei Siang, Michelle, Beatrice and Brian.

We studied at Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Harvard University, Melbourne University, National University of Singapore, RMIT University, Lancaster University, Queen's University Belfast and University of Queensland. Countries we have lived, worked and studied at include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, USA and Switzerland.

Collectively, we have decades of experience in Research, Finance, Project management, Education, Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Human Resources and Information technology and we are confident in helping our students achieve their higher education aspirations. Give us a try today!