Do I need to take an English test?

All universities expect students to have a decent level of proficiency in English before starting a course (for obvious reasons!). The level of proficiency required depends on individual universities, and more importantly on the specific course of study.

For example a program in law or Literature will naturally require a high level of English proficiency. Programs that involves extensive human interaction, such as Education and Medicine, also require students to have a good command of English.

If you have taken English as a subject in Year 10 or above (e.g. O levels) and have done well, you may be exempted from having to do additional English proficiency test. You may also be exempted from additional tests if most of your education has been conducted in English.

Most universities do not require you to provide an English test score when you submit a university application. If your English proficiency is found to be lacking, the offer that arrives will advise you on the English test that you are required to take. In other words, there is no real need to rush to do an English test.

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