What does the National Health Service (NHS) cover?

nhs health coverage

NHS coverage entitles you to these services for free:
  • Consultations with your GP / nurse
  • Hospital treatment in Accident & Emergency (A&E)
  • Minor injuries treatment in clinics
  • Treatment with a Specialist or Consultant if you have been referred by your GP
  • Contraception and sexual health services 
  • Maternity services

There is one notable exception - drugs prescribed for outpatient treatment are not covered. 

If you are prescribed medication, you will need to pay a prescription charge (£8.05 per item as of September 2015) when you pick up the medication from a pharmacist.

If you have a long term medical or psychological condition that requires medication it is advisable to bring with you a letter from your doctor outlining your medical history with a full list of the medication that you are taking. You should also plan to bring with you a 4-week supply of your medication, to ensure that you have sufficient whilst you get onto the NHS system. 
The cost of non-emergency dental treament, eye tests / glasses / contact lenses, and some vaccinations are not covered by NHS.

For more details on NHS coverage, please refer to the official NHS guide.

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