About Murdoch College

Murdoch College supports students from around the world take their first steps towards tertiary study at Murdoch University. Our dedicated team is here to help you throughout your studies, to ensure a learning experience that will take you on to success at the University and beyond.

At Murdoch College, we offer various English courses and pathways into Murdoch University undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Graduate successfully from our Foundation Studies program and you’ll progress straight into the first year of your chosen degree. Our courses have been designed to improve your English language and academic skills and prepare you for a seamless transition to Murdoch University.

We’ve worked with Murdoch University academic staff to develop unit and course structures based around the university syllabus and teaching style, so you can be confident you’ll be receiving the academic development you need to be successful at the University and beyond.

Studying on-campus means you’ll be part of the University community from day one, with access to all the world-class facilities and services on offer. While you study, you’ll be able to interact with current university students to help you better prepare for the transition to your degree.

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