How much can I expect to earn working while studying?

work while studying

The remuneration can be attractive given the practice of minimum wage in many countries.

Here are some minimum wages for your reference:
  • UK - £7.50 / hour upwards (depending on age)
  • US - US$7.25 / hour upwards (depending on state)
  • Australia - A$18.29 / hour
  • Canada - C$11.43 / hour upwards (depending on state)
  • Ireland - €9.55 / hour

Do note that there is only a limit to the number of hours that you can work while studying.

While working can help you financially and allow you to gain working experience, this should not be at the expense of your studies as education is the primary reason why you are in the country.

There is no guarantee that you will find a job as a student, so you should never assume that the cost of living expenses or tuition fees can be covered by what you will earn as a student.

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