What proof of funding do I need for a UK visa?

As an international student, you need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your studies before your visa is granted.

How much funds to demonstrate?

The funds should cover the following:
  1. One year of tuition fees
    • If you have already fully paid all fees to the university prior, this will be indicated on your CAS and you will not be required to show further proof of funds for tuition fees when you apply for visa. 
  2. One year of living expenses
    • £ 1,265 per month if you are staying in inner London
    • £ 1,015 per month if you are staying elsewhere
    • If you have already paid for accommodation, this will offset the total funds required
  3. Cost of a return flight back home

How do I show my funds?

You can demonstrate your funds through a variety of sources:
  1. Cash in bank held under your name
  2. Cash in bank under your parent(s)’ name
  3. Student loan from bank
  4. Financial Sponsorship from company/organisation
  5. Scholarship from government
There may be requirements for funds to be held for a certain period prior to your visa application.

Remember to check with us on the exact documents required for each funding source before you submit your visa application!

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