How to apply for UK student visa?

Most students studying in the UK for more than 3 months will need to obtain a UK Tier 4 student visa.

The process for applying the student may vary depending on your nationality, personal background and age. However the general steps are as summarised as follows:

  1. Complete online submission
    • Visit the UK immigration portal
    • Complete the Visa Application form
    • Book an appointment with VFS visa application centre
    • Pay visa application fees
    • Pay Immigration Health Surcharge
  2. Visit VFS visa application center 
    • Visit the VFS center as scheduled
    • Submit all required documents
    • Provide biometric information
    • Attend an interview (not usually required)
  3. Collect your passport
  4. Collect your Biometric Residence Permit
    • Upon arrival in the UK, collect your Biometric Residence Permit at the designated Post Office
    • Collection to be made within 10 days of arrival in the UK

Free education consultation

For more specific instructions on how to apply for a Tier 4 student visa, do contact us. Our counsellors at theRightU will guide you through your application, and we will ensure that you receive your visa on time for your studies.