What is Foundation Programme?

foundation bridging programme

A foundation program is a bridging program that allows a student to meet the entry requirements of a university undergraduate program. The program is typically 6-10 months, and consists of both academic and English training.

Who is it for?

Students who join a foundation program come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds.

This program will suit you if you are a/an:
  1. O level student who wants to accelerate your entry into a university
  2. A level / IB student who may have just missed the cut for direct entry into university
  3. Diploma student who wishes to switch to another academic field (e.g. from Arts to Engineering)

What happens after completing the program?

student satisfaction

Most foundation programs are affiliated to a specific university, and students are guaranteed entry into an undergraduate course upon successful completion of the foundation program. There are also foundation programs that are associated with a pool of universities of differing rankings and competitiveness. This provides you with a range of university options after you complete your foundation.

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