How do I fulfill the English Proficiency requirement?

english test

If you are asked to fulfill English proficiency requirements in your offer letter, the offer letter will typically indicate the specific English test that you need to take and the scores you need to achieve. Once you complete the English test and submit the test scores to the university, you would have fulfilled the English proficiency requirement.

The most widely used English proficiency test in the market today is IELTS, and it is recognised by all Australia & UK universities and the vast majority of US universities. Other types of English tests may also be accepted.  Chat online with your education planner to find out more.

There are many versions of the IELTS tests in the market but not all versions are permissible for the purpose of fulfilling offer conditions. Do check with us if you are unsure which version to take.
theRightU is a registration center for IELTS. We partner with British Council, co-owner of IELTS, to provide you with registration and test preparation support.

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