How to apply for an Australian student visa?

International students embarking on higher education in Australia will need to obtain an Australia visa.

You are likely to require one of the following subclasses of visa:
  • Subclass 572 - Vocational Education and Training
  • Subclass 573 - Diploma or undergraduate
  • Subclass 574 - Postgraduate

The process for applying the student may vary depending on your nationality, personal background and age.  

Regardless the general steps apply:
  1. Obtain an eCOE (Electronic Certificate of Enrolment)
  2. Obtain CAAW letter if you are under 18.
  3. Gather all other necessary documents
  4. Submit visa application 
    • Most students can submit online at You will need to upload your documents and print your Health Declaration Form after submission.
    • Depending on nationality, some students may have to apply physically at a VFS center
  5. Complete medical checkup at an approved Clinic 
  6. When your visa is approved, you will receive a visa approval letter via email or post
Singaporean students can complete the application entirely online.
The visa is electronic. This means that your passport will not receive a visa sticker or stamp. 

If the process sounds complicated, come to us and we will be most glad to guide you along from start to end - at no cost!

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