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Arts (Philosophy), Bachelor

Monash University, Australia


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Entry requirements

A Level CCC
Diploma 2.0
International Baccalaureate 28


Pro Vice-Chancellor Berwick International Scholarship
$1000 for living expenses
5 available
Monash International Leadership Scholarship
100% for tuition
4 available
Monash International Merit Scholarship
$10000 for tuition
21 - 50 available
Monash University Jubilee Honours Scholarship
$6000 for tuition
21 - 50 available
Team MONASH Talented Student Support Programme
Up to $1000 for living expenses
Limited quantity


Feb 2025
Jul 2025
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3 years
About the course

Ranked top 50 in the world for social sciences and languages, and with 30+ study areas, our Bachelor of Arts degree offers maximum choice and flexibility. The unique Professional Futures program, and our internships and industry connections ensure you will graduate career ready.

What you will learn

About philosophyAlmost everyone has been puzzled by a philosophical question at some point. For example: Is morality objective or simply a matter of opinion? What is personal identity? What is consciousness? Is it rational to believe in God? These are some of the central issues we address in philosophy.Why choose philosophy?Philosophy students become excellent communicators, forming clear and persuasive arguments, conceiving complex ideas and developing as independent thinkers. Philosophy studies are very popular with Arts/Laws students. You’ll be inspired to think outside the square and look at the world in a different way.Our staff are leaders in their field with diverse interests. The array of philosophy units available at Monash highlights the breadth of the discipline. We offer a challenging and stimulating course of study, with the capacity to make a fundamental contribution to your overall program of study.What will you study?Philosophy raises questions about the basic assumptions of every form of human inquiry. To understand these problems, assess answers to them, and apply them in real life, you’ll explore topics such as:Philosophy of mind: What is the nature of consciousness? Could a machine be conscious?Ethics: Is there an objective basis to ethics and morality?Philosophy of religion: Is there a rational argument for or against the existence of God?History of philosophy: How do the great thinkers influence us today?Theory of knowledge: What is knowledge, and when should we change our beliefs about the world?Political philosophy: How should society’s limited resources be distributed? What is fairness?Aesthetics: Is beauty objective or merely a matter of taste?Logic and critical thinking: What is the structure of a good and persuasive argument?Career opportunitiesPhilosophy equips you with many skills that are valued across numerous professions, including skills such as critical thinking, clear writing, logical reasoning and the ability to debate. It gives you a flexible capacity to understand complex issues, rationally assess them, and explain them clearly. Philosophy opens up opportunities in fields such as:Creative industriesNGOsLawBusiness and financeTeachingPolicy and government departmentsMedia organisations and journalism.Global studyWith Monash’s impressive international links, you’ll get the opportunity to venture into new and challenging contexts to enhance your learning.Exchange programs include:University of Warwick – EnglandLudwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen – GermanyKing’s College London – EnglandUniversity of Exeter – England.Global Immersion Guarantee:As a Bachelor of Arts student, you’ll have access to the Monash Global Immersion Guarantee – an opportunity to spend two weeks studying in one of a variety of locations, with airfares and accommodation covered as part of your degree.

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